About Us


The University of Brescia

The excellence of the University of Brescia is based on innovation, progress and the integration of knowledge, ranging from the socio-cultural sphere to that of health, medicine, law, economics and engineering.
The University is at the forefront of change, it is open to society with an emphasis on the sharing of knowledge, and it has a unique strategy which makes it the first University of its kind in Italy.
In this context, the new Health&Wealth project is both modern and ambitious, it enables the youngs and talented to compare their knowledge and share their enthusiasm, generating new ideas. The campus has a lively cultural exchange and excellent research, sharing of knowledge and expertise which make it an example of excellence nationally. The University of Brescia is increasingly active in the international higher education scene.


The University of Brescia focuses its activities mainly on the Health and Wealth of people in the surrounding environment, through the integration of the cultural and scientific areas which are its hallmark, and the collaboration with national and international partners working in the health, economic-industrial and socio-institutional fields, in order to generate knowledge, to educate the new generations and actively participate in the progress of Brescia, of Italy and of the world.


The decision to become a thematic university, to focus on Health&Wealth is part of the vision as well as positioning the University of Brescia in the medium and long term within the mission both in terms of evolution of its own vocation of national and international player and in terms of external changes due to changes in the society. According to the new vision, this thematic identity will allow the University of Brescia to become the national reference for identity issues. The whole University cooperates to the construction of the vision.