Health&Wealth: the new educational project

Training is a crucial transversal issue of the Health&Wealth project developed by the University of Brescia. This new and innovative educational project offers cultural and multi-disciplinary courses of different levels aimed at preparing a new generation of educated and skilled citizens who will lead development in the academic world, business, institutions and society.

The Master Degree in “Science and Technology for population Health and Wealth” and the PhD course in “Technology for Health” will be available from the start of the academic year 2014/2015: these new proposals for specific educational courses created by the University of Brescia within the strategic thematic Health&Wealth project, aim to attract students from all over Italy and abroad.

Today, health means not only being disease-free but also being in a condition of total physical, mental and social wellbeing, and this new concept lies behind the new “Science and Technology for population Health and Wealth” course and the “Technology for Health” PhD. Both courses consider people in their holistic complexity. The mission is therefore that of providing the knowledge necessary to form a new kind of professional whose activities focus on the health and wellbeing of the individual and the environment. All this is possible thanks to a clever integration of knowledge from medical, biological, scientific, technological, economic and legal fields, as well as cooperation with the scientific, medical, industrial, economic, and social institutions operating both nationally and internationally. Graduates with this Master degree or PhD will be able to operate in a wide range of roles and contexts, from public bodies to public and private structures, companies and non-profit associations: wherever there are people and wherever caring for their wellbeing – understood in the widest sense – can make a difference.

The Master Degree in “Science and Technology for population Health and Wealth”: educational targets

The long-term goal of the Master Degree is to generate a new professional with broad-spectrum interdisciplinary knowledge able to operate in different fields in order to achieve, maintain and revitalize the overall wellbeing of a person.
The Course offers an exclusive educational program and is held in English, a highly distinctive element. These new professionals will differ from graduates of already existing courses in that they will have integrated and transversal skills and will be highly competitive and innovative at both national and international levels.
The University of Brescia, through its strategic project Health&Wealth, aims at becoming a point of reference in terms of health and wellbeing for institutions, businesses, associations, the financial community and citizens. The Master Degree is designed to train an intellectual elite capable of generating a development model based on the health and wellbeing of the individual and the environment, in a country of great cultural and scientific traditions. Such a model should, in the future, provide a concrete contribution to the progress of Brescia, Italy and the world.

 The PhD “Technology for Health”: educational targets

The PhD in Technology for Health is a three-year interdisciplinary program that combines the fields of engineering and of biological and medical sciences aimed at creating professionals who are able to develop products and procedures in the field of health and medicine. It is a research-oriented doctorate program which will qualify the candidates to enter the world of employment or to continue to obtain specialized qualifications in bioengineering, medicine and biotechnology.
The training paths of the doctorate are also aimed at developing the skills required by the job market when professional practice involves interdisciplinary aspects typical of medical sciences and engineering sciences. Professionals trained in this program will be attractive for the biomedical industry.