Way of life


The Italian Way of Life

Health&Wealth is based on the lifestyle that has always distinguished Italy and its inhabitants, in other words a healthy lifestyle oriented to the culture of wellness, beauty and art.
In fact our country attaches great significance to the concepts of spirit, mind, body and wellness accompanying a person in every aspect of his personal and professional life. The wellness concept has gained over the years more and more value until the modern vision that is not only heath, absence of disease, but also a general condition including physical, psychological and mental health.

In Italy all this is strongly reflected in everyday life, since Italians perceive wellbeing as a harmony of different aspects that must be balanced with each other: the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual.
Italians share attention to wellness, adopting a lifestyle that is unique and recognized around the world, the philosophy of living well, starting from attention to healthy eating – that everybody knows as the Mediterranean diet – but also to cheerfulness, culture, elegance and quality in everything they do.